The time has finally come, the date for the contest has been set!

Our final candidates are:

~ Mariam Cisse

~ Arona Ciss

~ Anna Sambou

~ Salimatou Baldeh

We will also open our RAISE office in Gambia on this day.

We would be very happy to welcome representatives of the Gambian Associations from our RAISE network on this day and get to know them better.


What is a designer competition without a JURY?

The JURY members are:

~ Sambu da Unstopable (Songwriter & Producer)

~ Sandra Schüler (1. Chairwoman of „RAISE“ in Germany & Gambia)

~ Kebz Jallow (Newcomer as Designer)

~ Ousman A. Marong (Journalist)

~ Isatou Secka (Secka Unique Glamor)